#1 Cruiser Table Rentals Toronto | Cocktail Table Rentals Toronto | Bar Table Rentals Toronto | Portable Bar Rentals Toronto | We rent cruiser tables and pub tables for events in Toronto. Our cruiser tables and cocktail tables are great for events that have portable bars like weddings. Cocktail tables are great for socializing and give guests a place to chat and mingle. If you have a bar you'll need to rent cruiser tables and cocktail tables to serve food and drinks. We also rent out portable bars and bar tables for guests to sit in larger groups. We have industrial pipe bar tables, rustic bar tables, ice buckets, drink carts as well as white plexi bar furniture.
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#1 Tables & Shelves Rentals Toronto | Event Furniture Rentals Toronto
We rent tables, shelves and furniture for events in Toronto. Our tables are great for lounges, meetings, parties and weddings. We have a large selection of tables for all types of events including trade shows and conferences. We have different types of tables available in many different colours to match any brand or design theme you may have. Choose from accent tables, coffee tables and bistro tables. You can rent office tables, conference tables, farmhouse tables and bar tables.
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Round Table Covers
We rent table covers for round tables, square tables and rectangular table covers. We also have spandex table covers and polyester table covers for cruiser tables.
Rectangular Table Covers
We rent table covers for folding tables, wood tables and rectangular table covers.
Cruiser Table Covers
We have cocktail tables, cruiser tables, and high boy talbes for parties, weddings, birthdays and events. Match any theme colour with our polyester table covers.
Cruiser Tables
We have a large selection of cruiser tables and cocktail tables for your event. These bar tables are a great compliment to your venue and bar setup.
Serving Tables | Communal Tables
We rent communal plexi tables, plexi bars for events, parties and weddings. We have a large selection of gold, white and black plexi bar and dining tables.
Display Shelves
We have shelves and display tables for products, clothes and brochures. Check out our retail display tables and book shelves for your next event.
Coffee Tables
Our coffee tables and end tables are great for home staging events and lounge type settings. We are Toronto's leader in coffee and end table rentals.
Accent Tables
We rent accent tables to complete your lounge look. Accent tables are great for love seats, armchairs and sofas.
Console Tables
Our console tables are great for displaying decor. We have sofa tables and accent tables perfect for any event decorations.
Modern Bistro Tables
We rent modern bistro tables, cafe tables for events and parties. We have white and black bistro tables available for rent.
Rustic Bistro Tables
We have rustic bistro tables which are great for dining and drinking. Our bistro tables are made of wood and are great for outdoor events.
Bistro Table Sets
We rent bistro table sets with umbrellas. These are great for sunny days, cafe's and outdoor events..
Folding Tables
We have wedding tables, folding tables, rectangular tables, circle tables, round tables, cruiser tables, cocktail tables for rent.
Picnic Tables
We have picnic tables available for rent. Choose from a wide selection of outdoor tables for rent in Toronto.
Soiree Picnic Tables
Soiree picnic tables are low tables used for private parties, homes, backyards for intimate group parties.
Farmhouse Tables
You can find farmhouse tables, harvest tables, and rustic wood tables in this category. We have pallet tables, low picnic tables, and more available for rent.
Sweetheart Tables
We rent sweetheart tables for weddings, parties and events. Our tables are rustic and great for indoor and outdoor events.
Office Desks
We rent office desk, writing desk and computer desk for events in Toronto. We have a large selection of office desk available for rent in Toronto for all events.
Conference Tables
We rent conference desk, reception desks, modular desks, workstation desks and more.
Catering Tables
We have stainless steel tables available for rent. Our food prep tables, bar back tables are great for all events requiring food prep stations and drinking stations.
Serving Carts
We have serving tables, mobile tables, coffee stations, catering tables, wine tables, cooking tables, food prep tables for all your catering needs.
Pub Table Rentals Toronto
Cafe Table Rentals Toronto
Picnic Table Rentals Toronto
Coffee Table Rentals Toronto
Mobile Table Rentals Toronto
Dining Table Rentals Toronto
Rolling Table Rentals Toronto
Display Table Rentals Toronto
Cruiser Table Rentals Toronto
Cocktail Table Rentals Toronto
Display Shelves Rentals Toronto
Communal Table Rentals Toronto
Industrial Pipe Table Rentals Toronto
Nesting Table Rentals Toronto
Bar Table Rentals Toronto
End Table Rentals Toronto
Sofa Table Rentals Toronto
Patio Table Rentals Toronto
Bistro Table Rentals Toronto
Accent Table Rentals Toronto
Folding Table Rentals Toronto
Meeting Table Rentals Toronto
Banquet Table Rentals Toronto
Console Table Rentals Toronto
Highboy Table Rentals Toronto
Farmhouse Table Rentals Toronto
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