#1 LED Glow Furniture Rentals Toronto | LED Glow Bar Rentals Toronto | LED Glow Bench Rentals Toronto | LED Glow Cruiser Table Rentals Toronto | We rent LED Glow Furniture, Glow Bars, Glow Dance Floors for events in Toronto. We have a large selection of illuminated glow furniture available for rent including LED Cruiser Tables, LED Benches, LED Coffee Tables, LED Cubes, and LED Glow Spheres. Our Glow Furnitures are great for parties and weddings looking to add a nightclub dance vibe. We also rent LED Glow Dance floors that are always a big hit for weddings; because they change colours and attract a lot of people to dance floor.
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#1 LED Glow Furniture Rentals Toronto | Event Furniture Rentals Toronto
We rent illuminated furniture, glow furniture, lighted furniture for events looking to create a lounge, night club or disco party. Our LED glow furniture are popular for parties, weddings, birthdays and corporate events. LED furniture can light up, change colours, fade or stay constant to match any company brand colours or themes. We LED glow furniture are great for indoor and outdoor events because they are waterproof. They are also powered by battery making them wireless.
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Glow Chair Rentals Toronto
Glow Furniture Rentals Toronto
Glow Ice Bucket Rentals Toronto
Glow Coffee Table Rentals Toronto
Glow Cruiser Table Rentals Toronto
LED Glow Furniture Rentals Toronto
illuminated Furniture Rentals Toronto
LED Glow Dance Floor Rentals Toronto
LED Bar Rentals Toronto
Glow Bar Rentals Toronto
Glow Ball Rentals Toronto
Glow Pillar Rentals Toronto
Glow Bench Rentals Toronto
Glow Column Rentals Toronto
LED Dance Floor Rentals Toronto
LED Cruiser Table Rentals Toronto
Glow Cocktail Table Rentals Toronto
LED Dance Floors
Our most popular dance floor is a big hit at any party. The floors light up and randomly change colours. They are fun to dance on and add life to any party.
LED Glow Furniture Packages
Browse our LED furniture packages. We've put together packages that include tables, chairs and benches to make your event a success.
LED Chairs & LED Benches
Choose from our selection of LED furniture seating including LED glow chairs, cubes, bench, curve bench, apple chairs and more. Our complete list of LED furniture seating can be found here.
LED Balls & LED Pillars
You can rent glow orbs, glow balls, glow cubes, shelves and LED glow pillars and columns to accent your LED furniture.
LED Glow Bars
Our LED glow bar is very popular with parites and events looking to make an impression. You can find LED curve bars, straight bars that all glow in the dark.
LED Ice Buckets
We have LED ice buckets that light up and make any party feel like a VIP lounge. Ice buckets are a great way to keep bottles cool and looking fun.
LED Cruiser Tables
We have LED glow cocktail tables and cruiser tables available. Make an impression with guests and have them mix and mingle around our LED cruiser tables. Your party will be a hugh success with these amazing glow tables.
LED Coffee Tables
We have LED accent tables, coffee tables and end tables that glow in the dark. These tables are perfect for lounges and nightclub style themes. Make your party glow in the dark with a few of our accent tables.
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